ANU SOA Graduating Exhibition

This piece is from a series that uses NASA and National Geographic images to document the life of Neil Armstrong. It shows the launch of Gemini VIII which preceded Armstrong’s moon-landing mission.

Space Debris

Solo show at Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 14 - 27 October 2016. 

This show considers whether early US space programmes can be commemorated without boosterism or sentimentality. The pieces are hand-made collages made from found images. Most are made entirely from NASA images and National Geographics. They include portrayals of Apollo astronauts as winged and chiselled father-figures, bringing order and security to the young worlds that surround them; female and minority astronauts who flew only in subsequent eras; astronauts gazing out from the rotting cities that once built their moon ships; and disintegrating astronauts completing their journey home to the stars. A Chinese astronaut is also featured signalling the rise of new empires.